American verdict favors Apple in patent suit

American verdict favors Apple in patent suit

Korean verdict favors Samsung in a different patent suit

The news is huge: Apple just won a $1.05 billion case against cell phone rival Samsung for its iPhone. There are a few ramifications and possibilities for the cell phone market as a result of the recent lawsuit and verdict. The news is even bigger when you consider that a second ruling in South Korea--on the same day--is forcing the iPhone off the market in South Korea. 

Here are some possibilities and implications as a result of the verdict in the Apple versus Samsung smart phone case in the United States. 

First, the New York Times is speculating that the costs for patent infringement lawsuits in tech and other industries are enormous and may possibly be passed onto the consumer, especially for customers of the losers of future lawsuits. 


Second, the Apple-Samsung lawsuit may set the stage for an enormously high volume of lawsuits in the future. Currently, there are 250,000 patents for the different smart phones in existence today. The downside of the volume of innovation is that there are now 250,000 opportunities for different patent infringement lawsuits in the cell phone industry alone. 


Third, as Money reports, there is a strong likelihood that Apple could force some Samsung cell phones off of the market as a result of the litigation. There is also a serious chance that Apple’s success in this particular lawsuit could encourage Apple to sue other phone manufacturers for different cell phone patent infringements. 


And finally, the upside of the recent case is that there will be an increased need for cell phone manufacturers to display innovation, especially in terms of design because of the particular ruling in this case. 


The ruling in South Korea for patent infringement will protect Samsung smart phones within South Korea; as it stands now, the 3GS, the iPhone 4, the original iPad and the iPad 2 will not be available in South Korea for very long because of the recent law regarding patent infringement within the United States. 


As a result of the court decision in South Korea, Samsung is claiming victory. Apple is claiming the same as a result of the court decision in the United States, Apple is claiming the same.