Apple developing new iPad version

Apple developing new iPad version

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I bought the latest iPad from the Apple Store at the Mall of America here in Minnesota just a week ago. It was my attempt at staying in touch with the latest technology and actually trying to make sense of some of these new gadgets that are coming out. Additionally, I am also a huge fan of Apple and have talked quite about the genius that Steve Jobs is, so why not reward them by purchasing some of their products?

But, I am still trying to figure out all the features that the latest iPad has and I guess there might be a post about that on this blog once I find out if spending $600 on it was worthwhile at all. Even while I try to wrap my head around the features of the latest iPad, there are several reports that the Cupertino, CA based tech giant is looking to release a smaller version of this iPad.

Basically, Apple is looking at a 7-inch tablet that will make consumers' lives easier and somehow make it even better than rivals Amazon and Samsung. But then again, it will need to be able to compete with the likes of the Google Nexus 7, Amazon Kindle Fire and the Samsung Galaxy that are all about 7 inches in length.

Then again, midsize tablets are not great for creating content. The reason why I went out and purchased the iPad was more for its high-definition video recording and the five-megapixel digital camera that makes it one of the best for creating content and also viewing content.

Tim Cook has a big decision to make.