Apple getting ready for a good Christmas quarter

Apple getting ready for a good Christmas quarter

Apple has been tested as of late.

The Christmas season is here to redeem Apple (AAPL) which has the highest retail sales per square foot, beating out Tiffany & Co.

Trouble brewing with Samsung

Apple has been receiving stiff competition from Samsung and the Samsung executives are appealing the outcome of the Samsung Patent Trial. It appears that Samsung will not give in and will seemingly pursue other strategies to punish Apple.

But the fact of the matter is that Apple has not been forthcoming with Samsung the way it has been with Google. It might be because the Android fight with Google may not be worth the time and money like a tussle with Samsung that is really the big fish. It may also be a sign of the times with Tim Cook having different views to Steve Jobs.

What about that hot Apple stock?

Apple investors have been in for a turbulent ride these past few months. Yet, sophisticated traders would have loved the large appreciations and declines of the stock price. The current price of $536.88 is a far cry from the $1000 a share that bullish analysts were predicting. I guess it was the disappointing iPhone 5 sales (when comparing with Apple’s standards) that were responsible for the stock not surging remarkably.

Apple will continue to remain hot

Apple is always one step ahead of its contemporaries and is always looking forward and developing at a rapid pace. This is why the Cupertino, CA based firm does not hear the danger signs that are often painted by several observers.