The Apple iPhone 5 event

The Apple iPhone 5 event

The iPhone 5 launches on September 21

We knew what to expect on the updated next generation iPhone 5 with lots of information being leaked before its official press conference in San Francisco on Wednesday. The iPhone 5 event had everything confirmed and one thing that has been promised is a better camera. The iPhone 4S has probably the best camera when compared with other smartphones. The iPhone 5 will take better low-light pictures and be quicker at capturing photos. Panorama is something that needs to be checked out too.

There are other reasons that make this smartphone better than its predecessor with an A6 processor that has better graphics performance. Also, it will offer better battery life despite the addition of 4G LTE. The iPhone 5 has a bigger display too at 4 inches, which is about half an inch more than its forerunners. The Samsung Galaxy S III is still bigger, but the iPhone 5 has the advantage of being lighter and easily carried in the pocket.

A bigger display means that the home screen offers five rows of apps to the viewer and it will enable you to get to your favorite apps faster. It is these apps that make smartphones like this so appealing and I especially love the App store of the iPhones. The other thing to make your iPhone 5 experience that much better is the high-quality headphones that come with it. They sound like $100 headphones!

There is a new mapping system on the iPhone 5 that should be better than Google maps. This is mainly because the iPhone 5 virtual assistant, Siri, will give directions to the 3-D views offered of many big cities.

The iPhone 5 is great looking, offers a lot of versatility and new technology and it would come as no surprise to see massive crowds queued up outside the Apple stores next Friday. The iPhone 5 smartphones start at $199 and have the same price options as the previous iPhone versions.