Apple now has a $600 billion market capitalization

Apple now has a $600 billion market capitalization

Apple is on the way to become the most valuable company in history

Apple’s market cap has hit the $600 billion mark and only one other company in history has done so: Apple’s rival, Microsoft. Microsoft crossed the $600 billion market cap back in December 1999 and has dropped its market cap since then and is currently at a $255 billion market cap.

In the case of Apple, stock analysts and investors are more bullish than ever as there are also reports that its stock price has really not kept up with its amazingly high earnings. This makes Apple a great buy even at its $620ish stock price right now.

Apple was already the most valuable company on the globe when it hit the $600 billion mark but it is not yet the most valuable company in history as Microsoft managed to hit $619 billion on December 30, 1999. When taking inflation into account, that $619 billion valuation is actually $846 billion in today’s money.

So Apple still has a long way to go to add this next jewel in its already very remarkable crown. But many analysts are so bullish about Apple that they feel that the technology giant is not done yet and will hit the $1 trillion market cap. However, there have been a few naysayers who feel that Apple’s profit margins cannot be sustained.

According to these critics, the iPhone will see a drop in sales because phone companies are actually losing out on profits because of the subsidies that they pay for Apple’s newest model. Regardless, great things are yet to come and many predict that Apple will beat Samsung as the globe’s largest tech company as measured by revenue.