Apple wins patent case in U.S. court

Apple wins patent case in U.S. court

The San Jose court rules that Samsung has indeed infringed intellectual property.

The big dispute is over the similarity of the two smartphones shown above. The jury in the San Jose court has ruled in favor of Apple and ordered Samsung to pay $1 billion to the Cupertino, California-based tech giant.

Actually, Apple was demanding $2.5 billion from Samsung but the jurors did not recognize one of the claims that Apple had made in the trial. In response to Apple's lawsuit, Samsung had its own lawsuit demanding $399 million. But the jurors did not recognize any of Samsung's claims.

Apple wants Samsung to remove a lot of its best-selling tablets and cell phones from the U.S. market. But Samsung has warned that this would lead to an Apple monopoly in the United States and the American consumer will lose out. In a South Korean court, both Apple and Samsung had their claims rejected with Samsung emerging the overall winner.

But, I guess U.S. patent laws have seen to it that Samsung does not copy Apple’s innovative technology and designs. The verdict of the Samsung Patent Trial has big implications for Apple as Samsung is one of the its biggest rivals now. Additionally, Samsung has beaten Apple as the prevalent smartphone manufacturer. Most of the American media have chimed in about how this is important for Apple’s stock price and its dominance in the smartphone market.

Steve Jobs will have been happy with the verdict, but I am not sure how letting the details out would have gone down with him.