Big news out of Cupertino

Big news out of Cupertino

Maps chief fired, iTunes 11 debut and more

With incessant talk of the Apple stock price target being $1100 according to quite a few analysts, the tech giant heads into the holiday month with an important change in personnel and more expansion. Scott Forstall was fired last month and now it is Richard Williamson who has taken a lot of heat over the Apple maps fiasco.

The Maps app actually gives 3D views and is pretty nice to see compared to Google maps. However, the missed landmarks and wrongly marked roadways render it pretty useless. I was hoping the same team would be put to work to correct the issues such as incorrect navigation directions (a must have for this type of app). But it is not going to be so.

Apple map creators had the right idea and if it can be done right, it would be a wonderful app. For now, Apple is losing considerable market share. A lot of users don't seem to want to upgrade to iOS 6 so that they can keep the existing Google Maps app. Yet, iPhone 5 sales have been pretty good.

Apple is continuing to innovate and move forward, though. iTunes 11 was out yesterday to much fanfare and will offer seamless integration with iCloud among other things.

Additionally, Apple is aggressively expanding as it drives innovation and in demand products. The tech behemoth has started construction in Santa Clara, CA as it continues to take Silicon Valley and the globe by storm.

Indeed, Apple is moving at a fast pace. And only time will tell whether the 'remapping' of the organization will work out for it.