iPhone 5 lives up to the hype

iPhone 5 lives up to the hype

Demand is greater than supply!

The iPhone 5  was recently released to a lot of fanfare. Buyers had their usual frenzy and stayed up all night in the hope of getting to hold a device for themselves. It was definitely a sight to see and hear about.

Hundreds Turn Out to Purchase New IPhone in NY

The iPhone enjoys a lot of brand loyalty and as a proud owner of the iPhone 4S I can definitely see why. I know that there is an argument that the Samsung Galaxy III might be better with more advanced technology, but there is something about Apple that makes it prestigious and a must buy.

It is really the third-party applications that make the iPhone so appealing and probably the reason why it has become the smart phone of choice surpassing Nokia, Motorola and Blackberry. The sheer number of apps that the Apple iPhone offers is definitely awesome. There are 700,000 apps from TV shows to games and so much more.

Investment banking analysts are bullish about Apple and expect three to five million units to be sold this weekend. A problem with the new operating system, iOS 6, is that it has Apple's Maps instead of Google Maps which aren't as good. But the marketing genius behind Apple's success is that people feel great and high tech by just owning the device. It definitely worked for me.

Still, I have always wondered why people would rush to buy the latest technologies when their price falls so quickly. We have Dr. Michio Kaku talking about laptops costing merely pennies in the year 2030.