Samsung declined Steve Jobs' offer of Apple's cash cows

Samsung declined Steve Jobs' offer of Apple's cash cows

Jobs was eager to license patents for the iPhone and the iPad to Samsung

The Samsung Patent trial is on. In August of 2010, Apple made a presentation to top brass at Samsung to ensure they would not reproduce the new iPhone. But this warning has gone unheeded.

Apple has stated that they have lost almost $2.5 billion in sales in a $219.1 billion smartphone market. There are also other lost profits and damages as a result of what Apple feels are copies made by Samsung of its products and innovations.

It is well-known in tech circles that Apple counts Samsung as one its strategic suppliers and so it is all the more surprising why Samsung would blatantly copy some of Apple’s products. According to Apple, this is probably the reason they declined Steve Jobs' big offer.

Steve Jobs would be extremely angry with Samsung and it was he who wanted to sue the South Korean tech giant. Jobs was also ready to take on Google over the Android which the Apple founder felt was a rip off the iPhone.

But the reason why Steve Jobs will be all the more displeased about the Samsung Patent trial is because it reveals how Apple comes up with its magical products. It shows the world and Apple’s competitors the design process and other stuff that Jobs may have preferred to keep furtive. It also shows Apple’s customers the many flaws that the Cupertino, CA based company has, which is not necessarily a good thing.

Apple is hoping to provide more evidence to the U.S. District Court and rest its case on Monday, August 13.