Tim Cook's leadership style

Tim Cook's leadership style

Cook is known to be a workaholic, sending e-mails at 4 in the morning!

The iPhone 5 is here. Tim Cook will be assessed on its success almost a year since taking over the leadership of Apple from the late Steve Jobs. His job is very tough when Steve Jobs is the yardstick! But Cook has done reasonably well to move from the shadow of the late founder of Apple.

There were a lot of challenges that Apple faced when Cook became CEO last year, but he has been able to get impressive results for Apple with its stock price climbing to unprecedented levels and also revenue really going up. But critics have pointed out that Cook is basking on the decisions made by Steve Jobs and only time will tell how great of a leader Cook really is. But Cook is different from Jobs in that he is a more empathetic CEO and has also been willing to try different things.

Cook has made some mistakes like when it came to the hiring of Jon Browett and also using celebrities to endorse Apple products - something that Jobs never did. There is also the feeling that suppliers don't fear Cook the way they did Jobs who was known to be very ruthless. This was revealed in how the iPhone 5 event really didn't surprise anyone as most of the information was released.

Even with all these mistakes, Cook has taken some risks that have paid off big time like aggressively suing "copycats" and then winning the landmark 'Samsung Patent Trial.' Apple employees are also pleased with Cook for addressing a lot of pending issues and for taking the time to sit down and talk to them.