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iPad 2: Features to take note of

Great features you should know about.

The iPad has had some pretty good reviews, but is it really a laptop killer. A lot of people seem to think so even though a laptop offers more features than the iPad 2 for a lesser price. The thing that you have to note about what makes the iPad 2 a worthy purchase is that it counts several Fortune 500 companies among its clients.

Additionally, medical professionals, major sports teams, colleges and universities along with schools seem to think that the iPad 2 or any version of the Apple product is a great buy. Now that we have the consumer base out of the way, let’s focus on those features that I promised to highlight.

We have all heard of and made use of Skype and Google Talk, but FaceTime is definitely up there when it comes to video calling. The iPad 2 comes with a set of default applications that includes Safari, the iTunes store and YouTube. However, through the App Store which is also a default application, users can download to the tablet more applications as there is a database of 650,000 apps available to them.

The prices for these applications vary, but they are all great additions to make your iPad 2 experience worthwhile. I encourage you to pull up the Wikipedia post on the iPad 2 and look through it and you can read about the iPad 2 hardware too.

You could also invest in the iPad 2 accessories, but remember that a third-generation tablet was also introduced in March of this year.

There are more comprehensive reviews of the iPad 2 out there. It’s worth a read!