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The Perfect Deal

I'm writing this post in anticipation of getting my new Mac.  I have been wanting one for years now, specifically to do music.  I make hip hop beats and my old HP, bless its hard drive, just can't keep up with the programs I use.  At first, it took me a long time simply to figure out what kind of Mac I wanted.  For a while I thought I wanted a laptop.  A Macbook Pro or a white Macbook is what I had my heart set on. Then my friend convinced me that, since I don't need to carry my computer around, I may as well get a desktop.  That way I'm not paying extra for the convenience of a laptop.  I decided this was a great idea.  Unless you need to take your computer with you, you may as well buy a desktop.  My friend put it best when he said, "Why do you want a laptop?  So you can get it stolen when you take it somewhere?" I thought this was a very good point.  These computers are worth over $1,000 and I don't want to risk spending that much money on something that could easily get taken.  I already have two friends who had their Macbook Pros stolen and I can only imagine how terrible that must feel. I finally settled on an iMac.  Besides being beautiful computers, they just seem like a great value.  They're fast computers with a big screen and the body is sleek, so they don't take up too much room on your desk.  Actually, in all honesty if I could get anything it would be one of the Mac Pro towers.  The ones with 8 Dual Core Processors, making them fast enough to do pretty much do anything your heart desires.  I bet if you put put enough gigs of RAM in them they would turn from towers into gun toting robots like the guys in Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen. Unfortunately, the Mac Pros are out of my price range, so I'm sticking with iMac.  My next goal is to find the right iMac to buy.  I don't have enough saved up to walk right into a store and buy one new.  Even if I did have that much money, it seems silly buy one new when you can find so many great deals online.  For the past few weeks, I have been living on Craigslist and ebay, searching for that perfect computer.  The only thing I hate is the amount of time this takes.  Time is precious and currently most of mine goes to scouring the internet in search of that phenomenal deal.  The problem is you have to find a good computer at a reasonable price, then background check it to make sure it's legit.  The last thing I want is to get my iMac in the mail only to find it is overly slow, has parts missing and oh yeah, the Apple Care Warrantee it's supposed to have actually expired back in Nov. '08. Then, when you're finished doing a background check on the computer, you have to hope someone else hasn't snatched it up before you.  A few days ago I found a great deal!  This guy bought an iMac for his daughter but neither she nor anyone else in his family ended up wanting it.  I could tell he just wanted to sell it quickly and effortlessly.  I was thrilled and was ready to buy it right then and there when he told me he was very busy and wouldn't be able to sell until Feb. 12.  I'm going to hold out until the 12th but if he tries to push me back any more than that, then it's back on my shopping grind!