February 2009

Security Update 2009-001

Apple has released Security Update 2009-001 via Software Update. The update addresses a bunch of bug fixes and security issues. Most notably, it fixes the Safari RSS vulnerability discovered by Brian Mastenbrook and reported last month. You might remember that the vulnerability could allow a malicious RSS feed to include javascript that could potentially allow malicious local exploits on a user's Mac. Most of the other fixes have to do with more geeky tools that the average user isn't even aware of (perl, python, fetchmail, CUPS, etc.). A fair number of the fixes are for possible-to-exploit issues that aren't yet live "in the field," but that researchers and security experts have identified as vulnerabilities. You can read the full details here. The update is available in versions for Leopard, Leopard Server, Tiger PPC, Tiger Intel, Tiger Server Universal, and Tiger Server PPC.

The Perfect Deal

I'm writing this post in anticipation of getting my new Mac.  I have been wanting one for years now, specifically to do music.  I make hip hop beats and my old HP, bless its hard drive, just can't keep up with the programs I use.  At first, it took me a long time simply to figure out what kind of Mac I wanted.  For a while I thought I wanted a laptop.  A Macbook Pro or a white Macbook is what I had my heart set on. Then my friend convinced me that, since I don't need to carry my computer around, I may as well get a desktop.  That way I'm not paying extra for the convenience of a laptop.  I decided this was a great idea.  Unless you need to take your computer with you, you may as well buy a desktop.  My friend put it best when he said, "Why do you want a laptop?  So you can get it stolen when you take it somewhere?" I thought this was a very good point.  These computers are worth over $1,000 and I don't want to risk spending that much money on something that could easily get taken.  I already have two friends who had their Macbook Pros stolen and I can only imagine how terrible that must feel. I finally settled on an iMac.  Besides being beautifu