February 2011

Apple to Release "Super-Maxi iPad"

Whew, it is just in time, too - the original version has stopped the masses from feeling "fresh". In all seriousness, though, a new version is in the works and is rumored to be released publicly as soon as March 2, 2011 when Apple has scheduled a "special event". Is it time for a new, minimal tweek to keep interest already? I guess so! I'm hoping, for for the sake of everyone it's even more absorbent than the first one!

App-sent Minded: Keeping The Masses Occupied

It seems to me that our lives (and minds) have become more and more "dumbed down" as the time progresses. When I was in middle school there was no big hurry to learn the basics of math because calculators had just started to take out all the fun. This was not really that long ago (or was it?), and as time creeps forward there is less and less "thinking" and more and more "clicking" - what is this all leading up to?

New iPhone Confession App Offers Help to Forgetful Catholics



Hear ye, hear ye! Catholic sinners Rejoice! God and the folks at iTunes have joined forces to work together to answer your prayers; repentant sinners and Catholic rabble-rowsers now have the opportunity to download a Confession app for the iPhone for the extremely low price of $1.99. Get it now while it’s still cheap!


The Confession iPhone app has been officially approved by the Roman Catholic Church—no word yet on how much of a cut the Roman Catholic Church is getting from the iTunes store for the app—and is designed for the forgetful but penitent sinner as a way to keep track of those pesky sins that are so hard to remember in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.