July 2011

Fake Apple Store Appears in China


It's one thing to counterfeit a product as complicated as a laptop or smartphone. It's a whole new ball game to fake an entire store.

But someone's done so in China, where shiny glass houses filled expensive gadgets haven't quite cropped up to the degree they have here in the states. Apple maintains a limited presence in China, with only four stores in Shanghai and Beijing so far. They're planning to add more, and they have licensed retailers across the country, but on the whole China's not as privy to the presence of "geniuses" as we are. You'd think that with so few stores, a fake one would be quick to pop up on Apple's radar. But one store, located in Kunming, falsely operates under the pretense of official license. No one's the wiser. 

An anonymous American blogger stumbled upon the store by happenstance. After a little research, it was discovered there was no official record of the store's location. According to Apple, it just didn't exist. The blogger soon reported the finding to the internet, complete with pictures. It really is a beautiful fake. The walls are white, the tables pine, and there's even that half-spiral staircase up to the glassy building's second floor. Whoever built this thing clearly did their research.

They're also very good at pretending to be part of Apple. The employees of the store were absolutely convinced they were part of the Jobs family. Either that, or they're exceptionally well-trained liars--but why teach people to lie when you can do the easier lying yourself? If I worked in a store that looked like this one, I'd be convinced of my employer as well. The attention to detail is remarkable. 

Apple Hacked by 'Anonymous' This Morning

An Apple business website was hacked and user data dumped on Pastebin.


Once again hacktivist collective group Anonymous has come into public focus. This time a hacker known as "idahc", who may be affiliated with the hacktivist group, found vulnerabilities in an Apple Consultants website survey from abs.apple.com. The hacker infiltrated the site and later a dozen Apple usernames and hashed passwords were dumped on Pastebin. This latest attack has revealed a crack in Apple's armor, who has previously been considered a virtually impregnable cyber fortress for hackers, malware, viruses, and any other kind cyberspace danger. The group posted previously on one of its alias Twitter accounts @AnonymousIRC, that “Apple could be targeted, too. But don’t worry, we are busy elsewhere”, according to Financial Times online, FT.com.