October 2011

Steve Jobs: 1955-2011

Steve Jobs, the innovator of Apple, has succumb to an eight year battle with pancreatic cancer

Steve Jobs, the iconic face of Apple, has died today from a rare form of pancreatic cancer that he had been battling since first being diagnosed in 2003. Jobs is credited with being the innovative mind behind one of the largest, most innovative, and most profitable consumer electronics companies in the world. Not only that, but the technologies that Jobs and his company have developed and produced have changed the economic and social landscape around the world.  From iTunes, which made online music sales standard for many consumers and helped to increase the market share of all online sales, to the iPad, which has revolutionized mobile technology, Jobs innovations have earned him the moniker of a modern “Thomas Edison”. Of course, Edison was never able to turn his inventions into a multi-billion dollar global corporation.

iPhone 4S Introduces Voice Recognizing Task Assistant

Is "Siri" the next big feature? Or is it an awkward attempt to stay current?


As predicted, Apple released another hyperbole-strewn video to promote their latest iPhone today: the 4S. It's not the iPhone 5, like some were expecting it to be called, because it doesn't seem to have a radically new design. It does, however, introduce some fascinating new features to what those hypnotized by PR might call 'the iPhone experience'.