December 2011

The Best Gifts for the Apple Junkie

How to keep your tech-saturated loved ones happy during the holidays


It's a holiday cliche to have to shop for the one guy who "has everything". It's not as though it's literally true; they don't have a miniature carousel built into their living room floor or a magnet-suspended jellyfish aquarium. The problem is they think they have everything they could ever want. Their toys are the best toys and they buy them for themselves long before the carols start sneaking back onto the ClearChannel. These are the people who tend to own Apple products. 

So what do you get your beloved Apple addict for the celebration of yuletide? It's not like you can up the ante and buy them a better phone than the 4S they've already secured. They've got the best tablet and probably what they consider to be the best desktop and laptop computers on the market. There's no chance of gifting them with electronic staples, but like all toy collectors, they'll always welcome the opportunity to enhance their collection with toys for their toys. Giving gifts that celebrate the gadgets they already own is a sure way to flatter and delight your Apple junkie.