January 2012

The meteoric rise of Apple stock

I love talking about stocks and there is no hotter stock right now on the market than Apple stock. I picked it as one of the 5 stocks to invest in 2012. It has by far outperformed my expectations and the other stocks that I picked. What’s more, stock analysts and financial magazines seem to think that by looking at Apple’s fundamentals it could be poised to hit $500 mark in 2012.

Before you rush out to purchase a share of Apple, I want to share that looking at Apple stock’s technicals the share price tends to fall just after the holiday season. That means that if I were you I would buy just around Easter to ensure a better return on investment. I am so bullish on this stock that I am tempted to really go all in!

Three Major Apple Innovations To Change Literature and Education

Finally the 21st century classroom will look different than the 19th century classroom.

We’ve all seen the sci-fi films depicting the classrooms of the future, groups of students in white tunics sprawled in some Eden-like location, engaging in Socratic conversations about existential questions. Oh, and they carry around cool computer tablets that seem to present all of human knowledge at their fingertips. We may be a long way off from the tunics, classrooms, and conversations of the future, but we may soon see the widespread use of computer tablets in schools, at least if Apple has anything to say about it. Unveiling a series of new apps for their iPad geared specifically toward education, the iPad will soon become the educational tool of today. Here are just a few.

Steve Jobs Action Figure Will Haunt Your Dreams For Centuries

12" collectible is freakishly realistic


I suppose that somewhere in the world there is a market for this sort of thing. Somewhere, some individual will purchase their very own twelve-inch Steve Jobs action figure for just shy of one hundred dollars. They'll probably mount it on glass shelving in their living room next to one of many sleek Bose iPod docks. This person likely wept at the death of Mr. Jobs. They camped out in front of New York City's Apple store for upwards of 24 hours in order to be one of the first to lay their hands on a brand new iPhone 4S. This person frightens me and I hope with all earnestness that I never encounter them face to face.