February 2012

Seems Legit: iPhone Stoves Seized in China

They were not real. They were counterfeit Apple stoves. In case there was doubt.

If you're going to try to get away with hocking fake merchandise, you should probably start by plastering pirated logos on objects that are actually made by the company you're trying to imitate. You wouldn't put a Louis Vuitton pattern on a vacuum cleaner and expect its value to surge. You wouldn't try to pass off a soldering iron as genuine Tiffany's merchandise. And you probably shouldn't try to claim that that gas stove is really an iPhone. 

Looking Ahead to Mountain Lion

OS X 10.8 seeks to bridge the gap between desktop and mobile interfaces
As mobile technology becomes more and more popular, powerful, and profitable, software behemoths like Apple become more and more inclined to model their desktop software after what's running on their phones and tablets. An advance look at OS X Mountain Lion reveals that the Apple experience of the future will be increasingly centered around iOS.

Apple Sues Samsung Over Autocorrect

More like LOLsuit, am I wrong?

The playground sand-kicking between Apple and Samsung continues. In the latest move in their seemingly never-ending legal feud, Apple is now suing the less powerful mobile manufacturer over the autocorrect feature in their Android phones and tablets. Because Apple patented the substitution of one word for a more commonly used word, and now no one else can ever include an autocorrect feature in their technology ever again, I guess.

What makes Apple so great?

As I am writing this Apple stock actually has gone up since my last post and finished at $456.19 at the end of the trading day today. What makes Apple so great?

It goes back to the company’s business strategy of attempting to offers its customers the best user experience via its innovation that can be seen in its products whether they may be hardware such as the iPhone – my personal favorite - or software products like its MAC OS X operating system or even internet software such as the Safari 5. When looking at the Apple’s annual reports and financial statements, investors can see the firm’s commitment to research and development that lead to the development of the groundbreaking products and technologies that Apple has become so renowned for.