March 2012

Apple will start paying a dividend and buyback stocks

Apple’s stock price has gone up by as much as 37 percent since January with many analysts expecting a dividend to be paid especially since the death of CEO Steve Jobs. The Cupertino, CA company has announced a quarterly dividend of $2.65 a share that will take effect from July 1 of this year or the company’s fiscal fourth quarter.

News of this has sent the stock price to almost $600 which it went over for a while as well before dropping back to $592 today. The good thing for the tech giant is that it will be able to attract more investors after deciding to issue dividends. A wider range of funds will want to add Apple stock to their portfolios. For instance, “value-oriented” funds have a policy of buying stocks that pay dividends.

New iPad Hits Stores Friday

What to look forward to in Apple's latest tablet


It's not the iPad 3. Don't you dare call it that. Despite the fact that it is, in fact, the third release in Apple's tablet series, this shiny new grandson only goes by "the new iPad". Because "the iPad Jr. Jr." wasn't quite impractical enough. I mean, presumably Apple's going to keep spitting out these things, so what happens next time when the new iPad is no longer new? When it's the second-newest iPad, replaced by the thinner, snazzier, more powerful new-new iPad? Are we going to keep taking "news" on? Will we have to pick out a new type of animal to differentiate our tablets? Come up with something, Apple. At least name them by the year they come out.

The new iPad will arrive in stores on Friday. If the thought of anything freshly stamped with the Apple logo whets your appetite, here's what you've got to look forward to.

Justice Department to Sue Apple Over E-Book Prices

Accuses company of collusion with publishers

Seems the lawsuit-happy consumer tech giant is about to find itself on the other end of the suing stick. The US Justice Department has stated that it plans to sue Apple and five of its e-book publishers over a scheme to artificially inflate the prices of books purchased for iOS.

Before Apple released the iPad in 2010, Amazon reigned as the primary seller of e-books and e-readers with its popular Kindle and wide selection of titles. E-book apps for the iPhone and iPod touch existed, but the hardware's small resolution couldn't compare to the easy reading of designated e-reader hardware. But when Apple launched its tablet, it also launched an attack on the way book publishers sell their digital products. 

What should investors do with Apple stock?

"I think conservative and aggressive investors can still benefit from buying shares of Apple. "

I continue my talk about Apple stock in this post. The stock price has gone up by almost 50 percent in just 3 months, from about $360 to finishing at $545.18 at the close on Friday. I wish I had bought like some lucky investors did when the stock was just $250. But I didn’t, so now I have to see the best possible decision at this point.

I think conservative and aggressive investors can still benefit from buying shares of Apple. But I feel that there will be a pullback for the stock price as is the case with any stock that is being highly touted by the media and has been rising so quickly. In terms of the long term trend, Apple stock should continue to keep going up and most analysts agree with this.

The reason is that Apple has a lot left in its tank when it comes to its renowned innovative products and technologies that people across the globe clamor up to purchase even though they are more of a want than a need. The market share of Apple continues to grow abroad and many have speculated that we may have the planet’s first trillion-dollar company on our hands soon.