May 2012

Steve Jobs' keys to success

His laser-like focus always comes to mind.

I talked about Bill Gates and his impact on Microsoft. I really feel that Gates is a truly remarkable individual and one of my biggest idols. But now I want to look at Apple’s Steve Jobs and how he was instrumental in the success of this computer giant.

I have been attempting to get a startup going, but one of the biggest troubles I have had is to focus. Focusing is something that Jobs was a master at. Here is a book that I strongly recommend you to read to help you focus. Books are everything really and reading some good books can have such a positive impact on your life and business.

Steve Jobs also understands the value of people’s time and he made sure that they didn’t have to waste time trying to sit around and figure out how his products work and this was another very important factor in Apple’s success.

Apple senior vice president Scott Forstall sells off 95 percent of his shares

In a sale of Apple shares that netted $38.7 million, executive Scott Forstall sold off 95 percent of his shares and is left with only 2,988 shares of Apple stock. But this does not mean, however, that Forstall will be leaving as Fortune has reported that he has the 100,000 restricted stock units that he got in 2010.