August 2012

American verdict favors Apple in patent suit

Korean verdict favors Samsung in a different patent suit

The news is huge: Apple just won a $1.05 billion case against cell phone rival Samsung for its iPhone. There are a few ramifications and possibilities for the cell phone market as a result of the recent lawsuit and verdict. The news is even bigger when you consider that a second ruling in South Korea--on the same day--is forcing the iPhone off the market in South Korea. 

Here are some possibilities and implications as a result of the verdict in the Apple versus Samsung smart phone case in the United States. 

Apple wins patent case in U.S. court

The San Jose court rules that Samsung has indeed infringed intellectual property.

The big dispute is over the similarity of the two smartphones shown above. The jury in the San Jose court has ruled in favor of Apple and ordered Samsung to pay $1 billion to the Cupertino, California-based tech giant.

Actually, Apple was demanding $2.5 billion from Samsung but the jurors did not recognize one of the claims that Apple had made in the trial. In response to Apple's lawsuit, Samsung had its own lawsuit demanding $399 million. But the jurors did not recognize any of Samsung's claims.

Samsung declined Steve Jobs' offer of Apple's cash cows

Jobs was eager to license patents for the iPhone and the iPad to Samsung

The Samsung Patent trial is on. In August of 2010, Apple made a presentation to top brass at Samsung to ensure they would not reproduce the new iPhone. But this warning has gone unheeded.

Apple has stated that they have lost almost $2.5 billion in sales in a $219.1 billion smartphone market. There are also other lost profits and damages as a result of what Apple feels are copies made by Samsung of its products and innovations.

It is well-known in tech circles that Apple counts Samsung as one its strategic suppliers and so it is all the more surprising why Samsung would blatantly copy some of Apple’s products. According to Apple, this is probably the reason they declined Steve Jobs' big offer.

iPhone 4S: Features to take note of

We talked about the iPad and now it is the iPhone.

The iPhone 4S is definitely something and I am going to do what I did with the iPad last week in this post. One of the big things is obviously the App Store on the software side and like the iPad it also comes with several applications by default like Mail, Photos, YouTube and Game Center. As for the hardware, the iSight camera has the capacity to take eight megapixel photos and record videos greatly.

I was looking for a new phone as my Blackberry was starting to play up and overall I wanted to embrace change and get hold of some new technology. A month after purchasing the iPad, I decided to get the iPhone over similar products by Samsung and Nokia. I guess it was my love of Steve Jobs and Apple, in general, that pushed me to buy the iPhone.