October 2012

Apple by the numbers

Mixed bag earnings report on Thursday afternoon.

The FQ4 revenue was a staggering $36B that beat Wall Street estimates by $200M. There were as many as 26.9M iPhones sold which were above expectations. But the 14M iPads and 5.3M iPods sold were below expectations.

Apple stock halted trading as the earnings report for Q4 came through. When they did resume trading, they were down 2.5 percent. When looking at the earnings report, the thing that sticks out is the EPS of $8.67 that just missed the estimate of $8.75. The EPS bodes well for Apple.

There was a rally in stock markets across the globe with the imminent earnings report release of the largest company on this planet by market capitalization. But the lackluster earnings reports from tech stocks have made investors nervous as we head into a tightly contested U.S. presidential election on November 4.

By contrast, Apple has done a pretty good job as demonstrated by its earnings report.

Investors still bullish on Apple stock

Apple shares are in correction territory

Apple stock price did drop for a bit recently that has frustrated investors who have bought at prices of around $650. The drop may be due to a market correction after it hit some highs due to the iPhone 5 being released last month.

The P/E ratio of 15 points to higher earnings and a possibility that Apple could hit $1000 a share by the end of 2013. It is supposed to be an incredible buying opportunity at its current price of $632.20 a share. Still, I am pretty skeptical about Apple's short-term prospects and though it may seem like a good time to buy, investors should wait a little.

Apple’s stock bubble, Steve Jobs tribute and more

Keeping you in the loop about Apple this week.

Apple is one of the more talked about companies. Despite the recent fiasco with Apple maps, Apple still enjoys a lot of demand for its innovative products and owes a lot of its success to its former leader. There was a tribute to the late Steve Jobs yesterday as it has been a year since he passed.

The case of Apple Maps being used instead of Google’s maps in the iPhone 5 and the iOS 6 reeks of Steve Jobs. But the quick apology by current CEO Tim Cook may not be reminiscent of the late founder. I still feel that Cook did the right thing to acknowledge the inferiority of Apple maps and keep customers hopeful of the technology being improved. But Jobs was not one who apologized for Apple technology.